Our Ingredients

We bring together well-selected, high quality ingredients from Japan and the finest locally sourced organic ingredients available.

Tokyo Deli knows that your sushi experience, and our reputation, can only be as good as the rice we use to make our authentic Japanese sushi and poke. Our rice is specially designed for sushi: Emi-No-Kizuna. The making of sushi rice is an art and we have personally selected the best Japanese rice available for sushi and introduced it to the American market. Our sushi rice is just the right amount of sticky. It blends well with vinegar, retains its smoothness, and comes apart easily when eaten, as it should. It retains its flavor and moisture even when stored in your refrigerator. Please try this refined variety of light-textured rice, the optimal choice for making sushi.
The authentic flavor of Yokoi’s fermented vinegar products are enjoyed by sushi lovers everywhere. We offer various kinds of vinegar including: rice, sake, lee, and apple. Inventing and improving our technology of fermentation such as solid fermentation method which is still rare in Japan is what we keep trying. Our product line is certified under JAS standards for organic processed food (OMIC) which means we use only carefully selected, non-GMO ingredients. Shiho is also free of chemical seasonings, preservatives and artificial color.
We at Tokyo Deli utilize Shiho brand Soy Sauce - an artisanal soy sauce produced through a traditional Japanese method involving fermentation of soy beans in wooden barrels. This process results in a rich sauce with a mellow, woody flavor absent the sharp saltiness present in less finely crafted soy sauces. Soy Sauce is the basic sauce for all Japanese cuisine due to its rich, umami taste.
You know it well - or do you? Chances are you've never eaten ͞real͟ wasabi. Most of the wasabi served outside of Japan is a mixture of horseradish, mustard and food coloring. Even in Japan, the demand for real wasabi is so high that you'll often find the horseradish mixture instead, with little, if any, real wasabi in it. Real wasabi tastes more herbal than horseradish. While it’s hot, it doesn’t have a lingering, burning, harsh aftertaste. Wasabi Japonica originated in Japan. Today, however, it’s also grown in China, Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia and North America. It grows along cold, clear stream beds in mountain river valleys across Japan. Historically, Wasabi appears to have been utilized for medicinal purposes in the daily lives of our ancestors. Freshly harvested our wasabi is delivered to us from contracted farmers.